The 6th ICHBD

Population Neuroscience Beyond the Horizon

Dec.15-17,2023, Beijing, China

This conference focuses on the theme of “Population Neuroscience Beyond the Horizon” and invites experts and outstanding young scholars from the world to discuss the topics of “Population neuroscience: history, present and future,” “Large-scale human brain cohorts,” “Multimodal imaging methods for population neuroscience,” and “Population neuroscience: translational applications,” which will bring together the research progress and outlook of all international participants. Through this conference, we seek to deepen field cooperation and collectively construct a more ideal DPN discipline and research system.

This conference will be open to researchers and students in neuroscience, psychology, neuroimaging, biology, computer science, and physics. We sincerely hope that the success of this conference can help the development of DPN!

Call for Abstracts

The ICHBD 2023 organizing committee invites abstract submissions on human brain development, prioritizing submissions highlighting population diversity (e.g., genetic, environmental, and social factors) in developmental human neuroscience. It is imperative that all submissions contain new, previously unpublished materials.

We are particularly interested in submissions that address the topics

Abstracts should be formatted to include the following (for the English version):

  1. Title: up to 100 characters
  2. Authors and affiliations
  3. Abstract text: up to 3,000 characters (including spaces)
  4. One figure (optional), the figure may also be a graphical abstract
  5. Figure caption: up to 500 characters
  6. Keywords: up to 10 keywords
  7. Acknowledgments could be added
  8. References: up to 10 references, APA format is preferred, include DOI
  9. No supplementary information

Submissions will be evaluated on scientific integrity and relevance to the conference. Accepted abstracts will be presented as e-Posters on the website and will have the opportunity to be published in a special issue in the Chinese Science Bulletin after the conference.

Abstracts must be submitted in a Word document format.

How to submit: All submissions should be in both Chinese and English (a template is available here) and should be emailed to by Sunday, 29 Oct 2023. Notification of acceptance and announcement of presenters will be in mid-November 2023.

Topic and Speakers

Topic 1: Population Neuroscience: History, Present, and Future

Tomas Paus (Keynote speaker), University of Toronto, Canada

Xi-Nian Zuo, Beijing Normal University, China

Gunter Schumann, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

Topic 2: Large-Scale Human Brain Cohorts

Sha Tao (Keynote speaker), Beijing Normal University, China

Han Zhang, ShanghaiTech University, China

Jianqiao Ge, Peking University, China

Ying Han, Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University, China

Zhanjun Zhang, Shandong First Medical University & Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences

Topic 3: Multimodal Imaging Methods for Population Neuroscience

Christian Beckmann (Keynote speaker), Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands

Xujun Duan, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Mingrui Xia, Beijing Normal University, China

Zi-Xuan Zhou, Beijing Normal University, China

Topic 4: Population Neuroscience: Translational Applications

Chunshui Yu (Keynote speaker), Tianjin Medical University, China

Avram Holmes, Yale University, USA

Chao-Gan Yan, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Juan Helen Zhou, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Richard Bethlehem, University of Cambridge, UK



September 1, 2023 – October 10, 2023


Pre-conference courses and conference schedule

Friday, 15/12/2023

  • Courses: Neuroimaging data analysis of Developmental population neuroscience

  • Courses: Neuroimaging data analysis of Developmental population neuroscience

Saturday, 16/12/2023

  • Topic 1: Population neuroscience: history, present and future

  • Topic 2: Large-scale human brain cohorts

Sunday, 17/12/2023

  • Topic 3: Multimodal imaging methods for population neuroscience

  • Topic 4: Population neuroscience: translational applications


From 2014 to 2021, after eight years of academic accumulation and communication at five International Conferences on Human Brain Development, the concept of Developmental Population Neuroscience (DPN) and suggestions for fostering the construction of this discipline were put forward. The DPN research will investigate the laws and mechanisms of human brain development throughout lifespan, promote the transformation and application from fundamental research to education and health, and help satisfy the country’s enormous demands in population quality and national development. The China Brain Project (Brain Science and Brain-Like Intelligence Technology) research on the brain development of children and adolescents has officially begun, and its cohort construction and completion will greatly advance the country’s occupation of the international frontier in the field of DPN.


Past Meetings

History of ICHBD

August 11

International Conference on Human Brain Development 2014

lmaging the GrowingHuman Brain
  • The Beijing Conference Center
  • Hosted by Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • International Fellow :20
  • Domestic Fellow: 180
August 13

Cognitive Science Beijing Symposium 2015 & International Conference of Human Brain Development 2015

Cognitive Neuroscience and Big Data
  • Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Hosted by Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Department of Psychology, Peking University
  • International Fellow: 15
  • Domestic Fellow: 260
October 10

International Conference on Human Brain Development 2017

Healthy BrainDevelopment,Big-DataResources,Samplingthe Lifespan
  • Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center
  • Hosted by Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • International Fellow: 30
  • Domestic Fellow: 190
October 21

International Conference on Human Brain Development 2019

Individual Differences and Brain Development: Focusing on the Neuroscience of Developmental Groups
  • Hangzhou Normal University
  • Hosted by CAS Key Laboratory of Behavioral Science, Institute of Psychology and Biophysical Society of China
  • International Fellow: 3
  • Domestic Fellow: 168
September 22

International Conference on Human Brain Development 2021

Harnessing big data for developmental cognitive neuroscience toward developmental population neuroscience
  • Beijing Normal University (Online)
  • The State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning at Beijing Normal University, China Association for Science and Technology and Chinese Neuroscience Society.
  • International Fellow: 23
  • Domestic Fellow: 324

Contact us

Conference e-mail:

Contact: Xinli Luo, 15181672024

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