Welcome to the website for Research Center for LIfespan development of Mind and Brain (CLIMB)! It was established in December 05, 2017 to investigate normative development across the lifespan and brain/behavior associations in typical and atypical development. CLIMB integrates research resources from Chinese Academy of Sciences (Institutes of Psychology, Neuroscience and Biophysics), South China Normal University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong UniversitySoutheast University, Southwest University, Beijing Normal University and Nanning Normal University. By harnessing recently developed scientific framework on human lifespan connectomics using developmental population neuroscience approaches, CLIMB aims to unfold the mysterious inner workings of the human brain to determine the synchrony between brain and mind along the steps of the lifespan and how the genes and environment travel this path together. It is our hope in near future that CLIMB might serve as an international research hub to unlock the perplexities underlying the mechanisms of human brain and to help translate these findings into clinical, engineering and educational settings.